Tuesday, June 3, 2008


my mummy and my 'kai' ma(Anne mummy)...

see... they are enjoying the 'grapewine chicken' that homemade by grandma...'ka chuin zi pou'- precious o...

back to hospital

after 5 days at home, because of yellowish, daddy bring me to hospital check-up. Oh no... i have jaundish, have to stay hospital for 3 days. mummy have to come hospital everyday to take care of me.

my first month

this is the first few day i was at home with mummy, mummy said she cant go out from the house- confinement month wor... i was so small tiny baby

Friday, May 23, 2008

New Born

6 June 2007, i come to this world. mummy said i very good girl, with only half an hour of mummy hard work, i can see the world. mummy think i can be a great singer in future because i cry really loud...
7 June, daddy and grandma come to pick mummy and me from hospital. as you can see... nurse help me to cut out the tag and pass to mummy.